Organizational Learning

IIMA has a long history of delivering tailored, bespoke learning experiences to organizations – corporates, government, public sector undertakings, educational institutions, regulatory bodies. In the UAE, IIMA has partnered with some of the top brands and organizations and delivered unparalleled learning experiences for their leadership and top talent.

Technological disruption, increased business complexity and interconnectedness has made lifelong learning inevitable for organizations and the workforce. Especially in times like now, continued organizational learning is an essential determinant of organizational performance.

Here’s how we can help keep your organizational learning going:

  • Enhance employee comfort and safety through intuitively designed delivery models
  • Increase learning engagement through personalized learning touchpoints
  • Maximize your training ROI through best in class price and value bundling
  • Offer a diverse portfolio of learning solutions well suited for many of your training needs
  • Help you do more with a smaller team by leveraging our pre, during and post training support

IIMA's Offerings

100+ Faculty, 12 Modular domains of specialization ensure complete customization of programmes for participants from mid managers to C Suite leaders. Think of us as multiple training providers rolled into one.

Offerings for Organizational Leaders and CXOs:

  • Masterclasses (1 to 3 days)

Offerings for vertical, business or functional heads:

  • Masterclasses (1 to 3 days)
  • Business unit / function specific programmes (3 to 10 days)
  • Change Management Programmes (5 days and above)
  • General Management Programmes (10 days and above)
  • Comprehensive Leadership Development Journeys
  • Successor Development Programmes
  • New venture incubators / accelerators

Offerings for high potential talent and managers:

  • Functional programmes (3 to 10 days)
  • Operational excellence & performance enhancement programmes (5 days and above)
  • General Management Programmes (10 days and above)
  • New venture incubators / accelerators

Areas of Specialization

Modular organization of capabilities into “Areas”
maximizes customization for various training needs.

Organizational Behaviour
Public Systems Group
Information Systems
Center for Management in Agriculture
Finance and Accounting
Production and Quantitative Methods
RJ Mathai Center for Educational Innovation

Training Support

Pre and post training consultative support for comprehensive development programmes:

  • Training need / objective analysis
  • Define key metrics and programme outcomes
  • Co-design learning journeys based on competency gaps
  • Support in key stakeholder communication and reporting
  • Measure learning outcomes and participant feedbacks

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